In-Content List Building With Video

If you like video, you’ll be happy to know that you can also build your email list using video. It doesn’t matter if your video is on Facebook, YouTube or elsewhere. It can work if the video is a live event or a recorded event. All you need is the audience and the offer and a way to give your audience the offer.

Create a Dedicated Opt-in Offer Page
The first thing you need to do to grow your email list using video is to create a dedicated opt-in page. Don’t make the page too long but do sell the benefits of having the freebie to the audience. Explain on the page the problem, why it matters, and that the freebie will solve that one problem quickly.

Make the Link Simple to Say, Spell, and Remember
When you create the opt-in page, consider what the URL will look like and whether it’s going to be easy to say. In some cases, if you’re using certain software it’s going to create a really ugly link, and this is good because it hides this freebie from search engines and freebie seekers searching for things online. But, it can be hard to talk about in a video. You can use software like or via the upgraded Yoast SEO to create short links that are easy to say, spell, remember.

Talk About the Opt-in During Your Video
When you record your video be sure to mention your freebie a few times. It’s best to mention it more than once because people do forget. Mention it in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of your video just to make sure that they heard you and realize the importance of the freebie.

Add Clickable Links to Your Video
Using editing software, you can also add links to the video itself. Create links that pop up on the video each time you mention it so that they can just click through to the freebie offer. Make the link go to a new page so that they don’t lose track of your video. Get creative with cute callouts so that the links are noticeable.

Add Links in The Description Area
Don’t forget to add the links to the description area of the platform you’ve uploaded the video. One tip though regarding Facebook. If you upload a video on Facebook or do a Live event on Facebook put the link to your opt-in within the comments instead of the description area. This is just a quirk with FB so that your video will get more shares and so that you can boost the post without issues if you desire.

Add Links in Your Profile Area
It’s always a good idea to add any current freebie links to your social media profile areas. Each social media is different though. For example, on Instagram, you can only put one link in your profile area so it’s important to know what you want to promote by doing that.

It’s important to leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting your freebie. You’ll get a lot more opt-ins and grow your list faster by using these methods.

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