Don’t Just Share That Content Once

You may be surprised to find out that you don’t just create the content and let it sit. Instead, you need to promote it, and you should promote and share it more than once. Many people who are new to online marketing get scared when told they should share their content more than once but it’s true. The reason is the way social media works, in that everyone doesn’t see everything you post, so if you really want people to see it you need to share it multiple times.

The Stats Speak – According to re-sharing content increases views by double. This is true even though some people claim to really hate it when people re-share content more than once. But the stats speak for themselves it does work.

Understand Your Audience – When you share anything you need to think about who is looking. Who is your audience? Do they want to see this? Do they need to see this? Is this going to add value to their lives? If you created the content for them, then you’d be doing a disservice to them not to share it enough times that as many people in your audience see it as possible.

Create a Schedule – Don’t just randomly share one post 45 times today, that isn’t going to work. Instead be creative about how you schedule re-shares so that it’s interspersed with new content as well. Additionally, look at the platform you’re using and find out what they say about sharing content more than once and follow their guidelines.

What Do You Believe? – If you feel yucky doing something, don’t do it. If you hate it when others do it, don’t do it. But, try to figure out why you don’t like it. Is it a preference made on facts or just on your opinion? If it’s not based on the fact the chances are others will respond fine when it comes to stats.

Give Value – When you create any content if you’re thinking about how you can help your audience the content is more than likely going to be very important for your audience to see. When you look at it that way, that you’re providing this amazing value to your community it feels great sharing it more than once to be sure that everyone gets the information.

Change It Up – Even though you are going to want to re-share content multiple times, you don’t want the share to look the same. Change it up. For example, each time you share it call out a different fact within the content you’re sharing, or mention a different person that you use as a source within each share.

Sharing content more than once doesn’t take that much extra work. Just pull out five to 10 blurbs from each piece of content, optimize the information for each network that you use, and set it up in your scheduling software like It might add 10 minutes to your day but if it doubles views it’s worth it.

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