Make It Useful But Incomplete

You must remember that when you are focused on list building the idea is to move everyone from everywhere to your email list. You want most of the in-depth content that you share to be either with your list members, within a content upgrade or opt-in offer, or one-on-one.
Don’t share everything in your blog posts. The trick is to share useful information, but leave out a crucial step or tool that you know they need. That step or tool is going to make a very compelling lead magnet. Let’s look at a few examples.

• PDF Blog Posts – When you combine blog posts into a PDF file make it a habit to add extra information so that even if they read the blog post on the site, they’ll want to download the upgrade to get that added extra information that will help them.

• Cheat Sheet – This is just a list of things that you don’t want them to forget. But you can make it even more useful by linking every single idea or tool within the cheat sheet so that you make it even more useful to them. Using your affiliate links is perfectly acceptable in this context too.

• Checklist – If you write a blog post about how to set up your WordPress blog, you can create an additional useful checklist to help guide them through the steps. This will allow you to point out and expand on any of the information you included in the post.

• List of Resources – Anytime you write any type of content there is always more to the story that could use a fuller explanation. For example, if you wrote a blog post about hosting webinars, you could include a list of resources as your opt-in offer to help them host their own webinars successfully.

• Video – Sometimes nothing can explain things better than a video. If you have a recipe site, adding videos is a great way to get more views. But, why not make the video a content upgrade instead of adding it directly to the recipe post? This works great with super complex recipes that people really need to see the steps happening to get right. This will translate to many more email subscribers for you.

• Printables – This is very popular with homeschool websites or coloring websites. Talk to your audience about a topic, but just go over the overview of the topic. Offer more in-depth guidance through a printable. This works great with knitting, sewing, or any type of craft where a printable with more in-depth instructions and examples as well as templates come in handy for your audience.

While sometimes you do want to write very in-depth blog posts, for the reason of adding more people to your email list it’s imperative that you leave a little something out so that your reader has more questions and needs the download to answer them. This will help you grow your list a lot faster as it creates, even more, entry points to your email list.

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