Quick Start Tip – Spy On Your Competition


One way to learn more about your audience is to spy on your competition. You can learn about the right types of terms to use, the type of language they use, and how they speak to and target their audience (your audience) using funnels, content, and products and services.

This is an effective method to find your target audience if you aren’t positive enough about their identity, but you know that your competition reaches them and is successful. This can help you cut through a lot of time and effort.

Look at Their Websites – What makes their website so effective? What type of content is on the site? What type of calls to action are on their website? Does it load fast? What makes it special to the audience? You can use a service like Semrush.com to analyze anyone’s website.

Observe Their Social Media Feeds – Follow and friend them across all social media platforms for which they’re a part. Set up alerts so you don’t miss anything that they publish. This will enable you to understand how they interact with and respond to their audience.

Watch the Videos They Make (and Watch) – Look at all the videos that they make, observe the comments too and how they respond to others. But, you can also find out who they watch, and what’s important to them which is what helps educate them.

Notice How They Interact with Others – In all your observations it’s important to notice how they interact with others. You can even reply to their postings, or an email message, to find out how they respond to people who engage with them.

Sign Up for Their Email Lists – You want to learn about how they market to people. One way to do that is to sign up for their email list so you can learn how they use email marketing to move you through their funnel to get you to buy from them.

Buy Something from Them – Choose something to buy from them so that you can see how they interact with you once you’re a customer. You can use this information to reverse engineer their sales funnels and marketing funnels in a way that will help you market to your audience.

Observe All Interactions – The more you can observe everything your competition is doing, the more you can learn about what you should be doing. Especially if your competition is successful.

One thing to guard against when you are learning from your competition is copying. Some people will say that copying someone is a form of flattery but in business, it’s simply plagiarism. Don’t do that. You can get ideas, expand on those ideas, fill in the gaps, do more research and make something your own just for your audience.

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