Creative Ways To Come Up With Content Ideas

If you haven’t gotten started creating content yet for your niche then you may be a little overwhelmed thinking about it. But, don’t’ make this too hard. Coming up with content for your niche is not difficult. In fact, you can have so many ideas that you can’t get it all done if you think a little bit outside the box.

Of course, it all starts with knowing your audience as well as your product. Start with that information and then start from the beginning by creating very informational and educational content to start with, getting more in depth as time goes on.

Go to Live in Person Events – Go to both industry events where colleagues will be and events that your audience would attend. Then, keep your mouth shut and listen to people. That can prove hard to do something but the more you listen to people the more ideas you’ll get. Take time-outs occasionally to make notes of ideas as they come to you because you won’t remember later.

Host a Q & A Webinar or Facebook Live Event – Every question you answer on the Q & An event can become fodder for a blog post, an eBook, and even a product. These are excellent ways to figure out what your audience wants to know.

Read Industry Magazines & Journals – Subscribe to magazines and journals that are of interest to your industry but remember also to your audience. Often your audience isn’t in your industry so they’re not interested in that but you can get ideas from both. Take notes when you are reading as ideas come to you.

Join Facebook Groups – Join FB groups that your audience joins. Become an observer rather than a spammer. Don’t go in there and ask them what they’re struggling with, people are tired of that. Instead, just watch which questions are asked. Read the answers. Both questions and answers are all good subjects for your content.

Read Quora Questions & Answers – You can search for your niche on the site and also sign up to answer questions as an expert. This is a great way to get content ideas practically delivered to you on a regular basis without much work.

Read Reddit – The same can be said of Reddit that can be said for Quora. There are niche areas you can dig into which will give you great insight into your audience and what they want to know which is what should drive your content ideas.

Watch the News & TV – If your niche or your audience is discussed on news, movies, TV shows and so forth you’re going to get great ideas. Submersing yourself with the things your audience does will also help.

Use PLR – Another great way to get ideas for content is to buy PLR within your niche. eBooks, Training, Blog Posts, Articles and so forth are all great places to start with content ideas. You can change them up to match your voice, use them as just research, or in some cases almost completely untouched as content for your niche.

Creating content for content marketing can be fun too. When you know that you have created content that helps your audience in a way that no one else can (because no one else is you) the ideas will start flying out of your mind so fast. You’ll need to ensure that you keep pen and paper or a recording device of some kind near you always so you can capture the ideas that come to you. The important thing is to just get started.

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