Find Marketers Whose Products Complement Your Own

Don’t think of other marketers with similar products as competition think of them instead as a type of partners. Competition is good because it creates excitement about the product.

For example, if you have a niche in herbal health remedies, a person who markets essential oils would be a good match. If stress is your subject, nutrition or exercise products may be topics you can cross promote.

Finding marketers whose products complement your own isn’t difficult. They can be discovered through blogs, websites, advertisements, banners, social media and many other methods on the net.

You don’t want to choose just any affiliate to promote your product. Do your research to make sure it’s worth your while for all the time, effort and possibly money that you’re going to spend on a promotion.

You’ll want to find reputable and profitable affiliates who have the same value system as you and who have the reputation of being on time and giving quality partnership advantages.

Don’t be a churn and burn type of marketer. There’s nothing worse than a greedy newbie who advises his or her people to buy any and everything out there just to line their pockets with money quality or not.

There are some online tools you can use to try to find marketers who might offer similar products as your own. One is On that site, you can find such help as a list of community forums, new launch announcements, job boards, various announcements and more.

It’s a good place to begin to find out what’s going on in the affiliate world. You might also find some websites of similar marketers by entering a search term in google such as product reviews plus the name of your niche topic.

Not all that pop up will be a good match for you, but spending some time in research might yield a few good possibilities. Another way to find marketers for a JV venture is to advertise your own affiliate plan and see what responses you get.

As you become more familiar to other marketers, you’ll get many more inquiries to your promo plans, but in the beginning you may need to dig a bit deeper to find an affiliate that fits your requirements.

When you find affiliates you want to work with, find ways that you can tie the two topics together and the best methods to promote each other. The Internet is full of marketers who will want to promote your product but the best ones probably won’t come beating down your door right at first. You’ll need to build a reputation by doing what you say you’ll do ñ when you say you’ll do it.

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