The 3 Jobs Of A Good Lead Magnet

When you create a lead magnet it’s important to understand why you’re creating it. There are three main jobs of a good lead magnet.

  • Get them on your list
  • Start a conversation and build trust
  • Make money

But, that is from your perspective. From their perspective, you need to provide something of value that solves a problem. So, assuming you create a lead magnet that does this, you will convince people to get on your list. But that’s just the beginning. Once you get people on your list you need to start a conversation to build trust, then as you’re doing that you can promote your own products and other people’s products to earn money giving your audience exactly what they want.

Let’s look deeper into each job of the lead magnet.

Get Your Targeted Audience on Your List

When you truly know your audience, you can target them in such a way that the people on your list really need and want what you’re offering. You need to know the audience, study the audience, and know what they want in order not to only create an amazing lead magnet but to give your audience something of value.

Doing this will build a very targeted list. When you have a targeted list they’re more likely to open your email and get the message. A lead magnet that solves a burning issue for your audience will accomplish that better than anything else.

Build Trust Through Conversation

Once you get an audience member on your list it’s now your job to give them such good information, such wanted information, that they will open each email that you send to them. When they do open them and read them they’re happy that they did because the value you provide is top notch and laser targeted toward your ideal audience.

Most successful email list owners set up at least a 30-day email series designed to help your audience get to know you, get to understand their problems and to start promoting your solutions to those problems. They don’t sell, sell, sell and they don’t bombard their users with information outside of their laser targeted niche. That’s how you’ll build trust by taking the long road to informing, teaching, engaging and encouraging your audience to act.

Earn Money Giving Them What They Want

As you get to know your audience more you’ll start understanding what they need. You’ll get to know their problems and understand what they need to be solved. Then you’ll also understand what’s within your power to help them solve according to your expertise or niche. The biggest trick to doing this is to give your audience what they want.

As you get to know them better through your interactions via your list, and by cross-promoting information about your social networks and so forth you’ll be able to do even better about giving them what they want through the products and services that you promote improving your return on investment exponentially.

When you understand the three main jobs of a lead magnet from your perspective and then match that with your audience’s perspective of needing problems solved you’ll create a winning lead magnet that gets results for both you and your audience.

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