Use Content Upgrades To Build Your List

A great way to build your list is to use content upgrades. What’s wonderful about content upgrades is that it doesn’t take that much work. You can create your own, use PLR, or use something you already have freely available on your site but as a download with a wall between the audience and the content that requires an email address to get access.

Get Started
To get started using content upgrades the best way to do it is to find out which content you have now that is getting a lot of viewers. Make a list of these pages of your site matching them with a resource you already have or can easily create to make that content more meaningful and useful. Then add that resource to your site available by download when they give you an email address directly to the original content.

The best way to find out which content is doing best on your website is to use Google Analytics. Look at the data to find out which content is performing and then start with that content. In the future and going forward try to plan content upgrades for each piece you publish. Remember you can use the same content upgrade more than once if it’s relevant and useful.

The Technology
This can be accomplished easily by linking to a form that will pop up when clicked asking for the email address and then taking them directly to the download. You can use landing page software or you can use your email autoresponder alone or together to handle delivery of the content upgrade.

Update the Content
Now that you’ve picked which content you’re going to use to post a content upgrade for list building, go ahead and update the content. If anything is out of date just edit the content, add new pictures, improve the SEO, and decide where you’ll place the content upgrade choice.

Make it Stand Out
Within the content that your audience is already reading on your site make it very clear that you’re offering the content upgrade. Put a box around it, change the color, add an image, make it stand out so that they’ll click on it. When they click it the form should pop up and allow them to fill out the form and then go back to reading without having to go to a few other pages.
Content upgrades will build your list faster. Many people are reporting 10x the results once they implement this strategy for list building. But, the results that you get will be in the follow-up. Ensure that you have a good follow-up series in your autoresponder based on the content upgrade that they download.

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