Creating A Content Marketing And Promotion Schedule For Each Post

The best way to get the word out about the content you create is to promote it. There are many ways to promote content so you’ll need to figure out the ways you want to promote and market your content in advance so that you can decide. When you create a content marketing and promotion schedule for each post it’s going to be a lot easier to ensure that it gets done.

What’s Acceptable for the Platform?

Each platform has a personality. Twitter is different from LinkedIn for example. If you want to promote to people on a platform it’s important to get to know the personality of each platform and what’s considered acceptable. Most platforms offer some advice regarding this to help you make it work.

Is There a Preferred Time of Day?

Each platform will show you in their analytics which time of day is best for their shares. However, it’s important to also know your audience because each audience is a little different in what time they want to consume content. But it doesn’t hurt to find out from the platform when their users tend to look at information.

How Long Will the Content be Relevant?

Is this an event you’re promoting? If so you may only have four to six weeks to give the information, in which case you want to be more aggressive. But if it’s evergreen content you may not want to bombard the audience with the information.

Then for each post develop the schedule based on that information. Let’s use Twitter as an example. On Twitter, you can share more often than you can on other networks, you can tag people, and promote the Tweet by paying. This makes it super easy to promote your content.

• First Publishing – The day you publish the content you will automatically want to share it on Twitter announcing your new blog post. Also, pull five to 10 quotes, stats, or points from the content for later.

• Same Day – Later in the day you will want to share the new blog post a few times, up to three times that day, using different quotes from the content. So, the first time it’s okay to say, “New post about xyz” but the following times you share it to make it look interesting by pulling a fact out of the content. “Did you know that sharing your content more than once can double your conversion rate?” or “Want to double your conversion rate, this is how.”

• Tomorrow – Now you want to slow it down a big but use the rest of the facts and quotes you’ve pulled out and share it some more. Also, consider tagging experts mentioned within the content so that they and their audience will see it.

• How Many Days? – You can continue promoting it every day as long as it’s relevant. Promote more if it’s timely information, do it fewer times if it’s evergreen content. For example, if it’s an event you want to mention more so you get enough people signed up. If it’s evergreen you can promote less.

• What’s Next? – Depending on the timeliness of the content you can keep sharing it for a month or even more. If it’s evergreen you can share it weekly forever. If it’s got a time limit share it daily until the date of the event.

Once you’ve set up a schedule for the content marketing and promotions you can use software like or to schedule it all out in advance. This is going to make your content marketing and promotion so much more effective.

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