Leverage Your Customers To Grow Your Reach


If you have a good product and you take care of your customers, you will quickly build a loyal following and attract a group of people who love what you do and aren’t shy about telling others about you and the products you have to offer. This type of word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best ways to grow your reach and your business.

While some customers will start to recommend you to others on their own, others need a little encouragement from time to time. Here are a few different things you can do via email to get your customer to help you grow your business and make more sales.

Ask Them To Share Your Content On Social Media

One of the easiest things to do is to invite your customers to share any content you create via social media, or email it to colleagues and friends. You’d be amazed to find out how many people have no idea that it’s ok to share a blog post, article, or free short report with others.
Whenever you come out with a quality new piece of content, email it to your customers and ask them to share it. Since almost everyone is on various social media sites these days, and we’re all emailing all day long, your content can reach quite a few new people.

Invite Them To Recommend You To Others

Get in the habit of following up with your customers about the products they purchase. Make sure they are happy and know how to download or use what they’ve bought. Answer any questions they may have and do what you can to help them out. In other words, make sure your customers are happy. Then call in a favor and ask them to recommend you to others who may benefit from the products and services you have to offer.

Set Up An Affiliate Program To Reward Your Customers

Last but not least, consider setting up an affiliate program so you can monetarily reward your customers for the referrals they make. This works particularly well in a business to business scenario and is of course common practice in the online marketing world.

With an affiliate program, your customers (and other affiliates who want to promote you) get a special tracking link that records any customers and sales they send your way. You set a commission and pay your affiliates a percentage of the sales they generate. It’s a great way to drum up new business and grow your reach.

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