Who Is Your Target Market?

One of the first things you need to know about your business to create amazing, engaging, and useful content is, who exactly is your target market? Knowing who your target market is will inform the content you develop more than anything else. It can also help you create products and services easier. To define your target audience please answer these questions.

• What Is Their Demographics? – Knowing your customer’s sex, how much they earn, where they live, and these types of things are very important. If you aren’t sure, you can choose the audience you want to target by developing an audience persona that you believe you’d like to work with. If you already have sold products and or services then look to your analytics to find out your audience demographics.

• What Are Their Values? – This can be harder to determine but it’s an important question because it will determine the type of people your target market wants to buy from. You don’t want to be fake, but if you want to attract a certain crowd you’ll need to ensure that you share their values and that it’s demonstrated by the content you share.

• Where Do They Get Their Information? – This is sort of a “where do they hang out” question. Which publications do they read? What groups do they hang out in? Who do they look up to and follow on social media? This can help you find your audience faster by going straight to where they are to distribute the content you create rather than simply waiting for them to find you.

• What Type of Content Do They Prefer? – Does your audience like written content, video, podcasts a combo of the above? Do they love infographics or something else? You may not be sure right away, therefore, you want to repurpose the content you create two different formats so that you can collect stats regarding which types of content your audience likes most.

• What Are Their Problems? — If you know their problems you’ll have an easier time creating products, content, and solutions for them. You’ll be able to get to their level and talk to them as human beings and not just a faceless person. That’s going to make content creation so much easier.

When you answer these questions, you’ll have an easier time understanding who your target market is. This is the audience you’re going to create all your content for as well as every product and ever service for. You’ll also eventually create subsets of this audience (segmenting) which will make content creation even easier. How did you discover your target market? Please answer and describe who they are below.

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