5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions

 Affiliate commissions are hard to make at times when you don’t really have that much experience.

Of course, even if you do know how to make sales, I’m sure you want to make more, right?

Well, here are are just 5 simple ways to boost your affiliate commissions.

Yahoo Answers

To get more exposure quickly and nearly instantly, try going to Yahoo Answers and leaving some good feedback on certain questions.

Leave good answers that you know will be helpful, and then don’t forget to leave your affiliate link at the bottom.

Hire somebody to write articles for you

Article marketing is very important to do, but it can take up so much time. To save time, hire somebody who will write those articles for you, and then reap the profits of bigger sales.

Give more than the product

If you already get traffic but you still want better conversions, create an ebook on that topic or get a PLR package and offer it once they buy your affiliate offer.

This will give them that sense of which they’ll be getting more from you than a different source.

Time limited offer

If you plan to use the ebook bonus above, try telling them that they only have a few days left to avail of your special bonus.


Have you ever visited a sales page and felt the need to really buy the product? Well, try following what that sales page did by implementing it on your site.

Catch your visitor’s attention the way a sales page would catch your opinion.

These are just 5 simple ways to boost your affiliate commissions, but they can help you out tremendously.

They don’t require so much work, and even if it does seem like a lot of work, you can always hire somebody to do it all for you.

After implementing just a few of these tips, you are sure to make more affiliate commissions.

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