Don’t Be Afraid to Call Yourself the Best

Sometimes it’s especially difficult for us to toot our own horns, or tell others how great we are. You don’t want it to come off as arrogant or conceited, but it’s important in the online marketing business for others to know what you have to offer and the experience you have in the niche.

And it may be more important than you think. You may have looked at another marketer’s achievements and thought there’s no way you could ever measure up. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Chances are, you may already have some accomplishments to brag about in a way that others will take you very seriously. You can brag about yourself and boost your online presence without seeming like a braggart with an inflated ego.

Avoid making self-deprecating brags. That’s when you may share some of your accomplishments and then try to appear humble by making a joke about your incompetence.

For example, you might mention that you were invited to speak at a very important seminar and then humble yourself by saying they must have been desperate to choose you as the speaker. Self-deprecating brags often come off as pathetic rather than humble.

Be excited about your story. Rather than play down your accomplishments, make them into stories which inspire and encourage others. Even if the story about your successes border on the mundane, you can surely find something to be excited about.

For example, meeting another Internet marketer who became your mentor and showed you the ropes just as you were about to give up can encourage others to keep networking.

Bring in a friend. Get another networking friend (preferable with his or her own list of accomplishments) and brag about each other online. You get to boast about the other person’s experience and accomplishments and he or she gets to brag about you.

People are sometimes more receptive to a third party’s information about you and both you and the friend will get some great online recognition. This is better when it happens naturally, rather than planning it out where it may seem stiff. Just look for opportunities to reciprocate kind remarks.

Share your sense of humor. Put some humor behind your stories and you’ll be memorable to others without being perceived as bragging. For example, if you have a humorous story about how you embarrassed yourself online while rising to the top of the barrel, find a way to tell it with humor.

Everyone loves a good story, and it’s important that you use yours to brand yourself and to shore up your business as much as you can. Since Americans hear or read over 100,000 words per day, it’s important that we get our messages across as best we can and let others know that we’re the best in our niches along with why.

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