Find Your Target Audience and Dominate the Conversation

Some newbie net marketers get all shy when it comes to positioning themselves as leaders. They feel unqualified, or too new to sit there staking claim to a niche topic. But nobody is going to be inspecting your background what they want is someone who jumps into the conversation and leads from the front, not behind like someone living off the scraps of other marketers.

Be bold with positioning yourself in your niche. You’ll increase your list and your sales. One way to do that is to know your target audience and to hang out with them. Social networking gives you the perfect opportunity and blogs and forums are also great to get to know those who would become your customers.

As you make yourself known on the sites where you dominate the conversation, you’ll become the go to person that people turn to for help in their own niches and will see you as a top expert in the field.

Answer their questions, find solutions to their problems and help them in any way you can. Show up to serve. This process takes time and effort, but that’s why some marketers are more successful than others.

They take the time to make themselves known and have a passion for what they do. It’s not enough just to want to make money you have to love what you do. There are some specific ways that you can make yourself the go to person in your niche.

Give more than others. See what the other go to marketers are doing and out-deliver them. Give your target audience more value and product and provide it faster than others.

Deliver quality. Make it different and make it accurate. Also, deliver on time. Find a topic or give it a twist that hasn’t been done before and watch your customers (and non-current customers) flock to your product.

Learn the process. If you take the time to learn how to navigate the process to success, you can add coaching or teaching to your list of experiences. This can provide a money-making side business that will not only make extra income, but will further establish you in your niche.

Mix and match. Learn how to mix and match your products and combine them as one to sell as a stand-alone. Or, divide a stand-alone product into several products such as short reports for those consumers who would rather dip a toe in with you than jump all in and trust you with a bigger purchase.

Vary your delivery methods. For example, if you’ve been concentrating on written content, try videos or podcasts to see how it flies with your audience. Interviews with other marketers also work very well.

Promoting others can improve your standing in the niche by offering more, but with you still profiting. Becoming the go to person in your niche should be part of your marketing strategies, but realize that it takes awhile to build up your reputation so that others take notice and begin to turn to you for information and guidance. Just keep at it and you’ll eventually begin to profit in a big way.

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