Focus On Evergreen Content With Your List Building

Evergreen content is content that stays fresh for a long time after posting it. Depending on the type of niche you’re involved with it may not actually last forever. But the idea is that the content should last as long as possible without an update, meaning that it’s relevant as long as possible.

If you have a non-technical niche, chances are the content you create today will still be good tomorrow. That’s what you want to shoot for, anyway. But, remember that not everything has to be evergreen, but you do want to focus on evergreen content for list building so that when you set up your funnels they work for a long time for you without having to change them. Doing it this way enables the work you do today to build and still pay off for you tomorrow.

Types of Evergreen Content
While evergreen content can literally be in any format the most common evergreen content consists of the following types of content.

• Lists – If you have any sort of list you can develop it into evergreen content to build your list. For example, let’s say you have a 365 Motivational Quotes to share. You could share one quote a day, then link to the 365 quotes as the freebie to download to get on the list.

• Top 20, 50, 100 – If you know Top anything you can do the same thing as the lists. They can be both blog posts and additional add-on content to download. What’s more, you can put it in different formats it doesn’t have to be a PDF it can be video too.

• Tips – Providing tips for doing something that doesn’t usually change is a great type of evergreen content. For example, “10 Tips to Clean Your Kitchen Fast” then provide a content upgrade with more tips to cleaning your entire home.

• How to Tutorials – Writing a blog post about how to do anything is a great idea for evergreen content unless it has something to do with technology since software changes so fast. An idea that comes to mind is, “How to Cook a Chicken in Your Pressure Cooker”. You could write a post about that, then link to a content upgrade with a video tutorial.

• Definitions – In each industry there are terms that the audience should know or needs to know, a great way to introduce your audience to these terms is through a list of definitions that you provide via a freebie.

• Reviews – In most cases product reviews can last for years. This is a great way to create useful content on your blog through reviews. Then, you can create a freebie that helps them use the product if they purchase it better or get more understanding of it with a whitepaper or report of some kind attached to the review.

The more your content is focused mostly on evergreen content vs news and trending content the faster you’ll be able to build your list. You can then share news and trending content to your list which is a much better place for that type of content anyway because it makes people happy that they joined your list if you’re on the cutting edge of your industry.

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