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So a couple of days after writing my post about  done for you cpc networks I got this email from Trafficx100.  I thought it was a very good email and  it kind of opens your eyes to whats going on in the world of online traffic and lead brokers, so I wanted to share it with my readers. Hope you enjoy!
As you probably know, there are a great many brokers and “services” that offer traffic and leads to the business opportunity and MMO community.
Many of these offer affiliate programs and promotional discounts on traffic from time to time, and while it may seem attractive to get a bargain or make a few dollars by referring others, there is a specific reason we don’t do this at TrafficX100.
Simply put: we deliver the best value possible, every single day.
Let me give you a few examples of what’s happening right now in the world of online traffic and lead brokers.
(company names purposely omitted)
Company A sells mid-grade traffic for an average of $1.14 per click
They offer a referral program, and they often run half-price promotions to boost volume and entice new customers.
My own experience with the traffic this company offers revealed a CPL (cost per lead) of over $6.00
Bottom line, it doesn’t convert well, and I know for a fact that this company acquires the majority of their clicks for around $0.40.
Company B is brokering traffic, in addition to providing other online marketing services.
They purport a CPC (cost per click) of under $0.20.
My own experiment with this traffic produced 8 opt-ins out of more than 3,000 clicks!
And I used the same opt-in page that consistently brings me 40% conversions with the traffic we offer at TrafficX100.
Bottom line: this traffic is junk.
Company C is run by a well-known marketing guru.
This one claims to have premium traffic, similar to what we get with TrafficX100.
As a customer, you could buy this traffic for an average of $1.50 PER CLICK!
And best of all, your MINIMUM purchase would be around $3,500.
I could go on with more examples, but by now I think you can appreciate the position we’ve taken with TrafficX100.
I make my money the same way you do, by offering the products and services of my primary business to people who are looking for ways to succeed as entrepreneurs.
And I would much rather deliver consistent value and savings to you, especially to new marketers who are often uninformed and vulnerable, rather than resort to gimmicks, price gouging or selling junk traffic.
I just won’t do it.
My motivation is seeing more online marketers succeed, and TrafficX100 was created to give you a way to leverage my experience and the advertising relationships I have cultivated for over a decade.
That’s why we’re here. 
That’s why our rapidly growing list of customers keep coming back to TrafficX100 again and again.
And that’s why you can feel confident in knowing that you’re getting the best value for your advertising dollar, every single day.

 This email made me want to use there service more often. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about it.

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