Using PLR For Quick And Easy Content Creation


Using private label rights content is a quick and easy way to create more content. Some people out there, even gurus, (yes even yours) uses PLR to help them with almost all their content creation needs.

If you’re confused about this idea please remember that PLR is nothing new. In the old days, people could buy content to use in their newsletters that were sent to them monthly in print form. The associated press also supplies some content to their members that they can use and rewrite and reframe. It’s been around forever as long as the content has been around.

Let’s look at a few of the ways you can use PLR for quick and easy content creation.

• As Research – When you choose a legitimate PLR company to purchase from you can trust the information you get and use it as research for creating all types of content. An eBook can be the basis of your next webinar, for example.

• Repurpose to a New Format – Every type of content you buy, you can repurpose in some other way depending upon the terms of service. But, most of the time you can recreate videos using your own voice for example, or take a series of blog posts and turn them into a report or white paper.

• Combine to Make Epic – Combine a lot of content about the same topic into epic content that will provide many ways to link internally to your content. Internal linking is a great way to improve your on-page SEO.

• As a Lead Magnet – Some PLR is perfect to use as is as a lead magnet, freebie, or irresistible offer to help build your email list. It is suggested that you switch out covers and images to make it your own first.

• As a Blog Post – Some people worry about using PLR as blog post material but you can. You don’t need the information to be unique, you only need the format to be unique. Therefore, take any blog posts that you have in PLR and reorganize and rewrite them switching out titles and subheadings to use your keywords.

• Develop a FAQ – Some PLR material will work great as part of a FAQ which is a great way to add epic and long-form content to your website. Use the information in the PLR to answer frequently asked questions. This works great for “how to” PLR content.

• Publish as an Email Series – When you publish via your email you don’t have to switch up the content much at all. You can instead use it mostly as is changing only words to make it your own voice and using mostly all the original PLR as is.

• Create a Course – Using the PLR you buy that is “how to” PLR you can create many types of courses. Cut and paste it into the software to deliver the course like or You can also create an email delivered course using PLR.

Remember, you don’t have to buy PLR specific to how you’ll use it. Just make sure that the terms of service allow you to reuse it how you want to reuse it and an eBook can become a course, blog posts, webinars or vice versa.

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