Why You Should Get Them On Your List First

It can safely be said that one of the most important things you’re going to do for your business is to build your email list. When people tell you that, “the money is in the list” they’re not just blowing smoke or using keywords. They are telling you the truth. Think about the fact that when you build an email list you have access to your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and that you own the list.

Why List Building?
If you build a strong email list you can almost give yourself a raise whenever you want one if you understand your audience fully, know their problems, and know great ways to solve them. But, you need to do it right so that only targeted list members are lucky enough to be on your list because you choose only the right products and services to market to them while also providing a lot of value outside of what you sell to them.

What This Challenge is About
This challenge is about using cornerstone content to build your email list with in-content opt-in offers, also called content upgrades. Cornerstone content also has other names such as “epic content” and “pillar content”. This is to say that it’s in-depth but broad content that covers a lot of material and helps bring your audience to you, keep them on your site, and educate them about the things your audience cares about. By keeping it broad you give yourself more opportunity to include in-content offers to build your list.

Why List Building Needs to Be a Priority
When you make it a priority to get your audience on your email list you can bring them back to your site again and again while you also make offers, educate them, and provide a lot of value to them without having to constantly chase customers. People who sign up for your email list, assuming they’re targeted, and your offers are consistently awesome can also help you spread the word about new offers helping you get more buzz.

How Content Plays a Role in List Building
Content plays a role in list building in many ways because it’s content that brings people to your website, and content that they’ll download onto their computer when they get on your email list, and content that you’re going to send in email to add value to their lives and make offers that help them solve their problems.

List building is so important that you should think of it as your main goal when working on marketing, brand awareness, and adding value to your audience. While your website is the hub of operations your email list is the foundation for the longevity of your business.

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