Speak Directly To Your Customers In Headlines

One of the most important parts of any copy you create whether it’s a sales page, a blog post, or an eBook is the headline. That’s the first thing they’re going to see and it’s going to determine for them whether they want to click through. Part of learning to do this properly and effectively is by speaking directly to your customers in headlines using the new language skills you’ve gleaned from your ideal audience.

For example, if you have an audience of women between the ages of 45 and 60 to whom you want to market your health program that helps to end inflammation and bloating you need to speak to them in the language they understand. A good headline, in this case, might be something like,
“End Belly Bloat with These 3 Small Changes.”
The headline gets the right audience’s attention and uses the right keywords for the audience. Let’s say you’re selling a skin serum that reduces wrinkles. This audience may be interested in something for their wrinkles and you will know that they are, because you are part of the community and you know what they talk about.

They may say that their skin isn’t as bright, or plump as it used to be and ask for advice. That means you cloud use a headline such as,
“Try This Skin Plumper That Brightens & Smooths” it really is that simple.
You don’t need to be clever or try to hide your product promotion when you’re talking directly to them giving them what they’ve even asked for right in the forums, chats, and groups that you’ve joined.

It can work for articles, sales pages, landing pages, and subject lines for email messages that you send to your audience. Let’s say that you are a life coach and you work with women who are going through a divorce and are trying to find themselves again. You need to write some blog posts for your niche to help attract them to your website, to download your freebie, and to hopefully get them to join your group coaching program.

Some ideas for headlines are:
Finding Yourself After Divorcing Prince Charming
Getting Through Your Divorce Without Feeling Alone
Who Am I, Now That I’m Not His Wife?

You’d learn these thoughts from being part of their groups. Anything someone asks about can become fodder for an article, a product, a service, or some other type of content. In fact, almost any question they ask can be used. Make it a habit of copying and pasting questions in groups and chat to an idea file so that you can come up with amazing and effective headlines.

It’s important to use the right terms for your niche. It doesn’t matter if it’s knitting, mothering, or finance – know the lingo, and understand the problems that they want to solve, and you will be successful getting people to click on your headlines. And, not just any people. You want the right people to click through, and the right people want and can buy what you’re selling.

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