Test & Track Your Solo Emails And CTAs

Let’s talk a little bit about sending emails to your audience and how to include a CTA. First, let’s talk about where you should put CTAs in terms of the content you create for your audience.

Where you need CTAs:

• Blog Posts – Like articles, blog posts need a purpose. When you understand why you’re writing the blog post it makes it easier to determine what the CTA should be. Most of the time a blog post will lead to a lead magnet in the form of a content upgrade.

• About Page – This is an often-missed opportunity, but you should most certainly put a CTA on your about page. You have to remember that you’re about page, though it seems to be about you, is really about your audience and why and how you can help them solve their problems. Don’t miss this opportunity to put a powerful CTA. This is a good place for a freebie to get them on your email list.

• Articles – Every article needs a reason for being. If you don’t have a why for writing the article there is no point in writing it. Therefore, your why should inform your CTA. Perhaps you’re writing an educational article about a problem that you offer a solution for. You can put the CTA within the article such as a content upgrade, or a link to the sales page offering the solution. You can put the CTA throughout the article and not only on the bottom.

• Social Media Posts – Depending on the rules of the platform, you want to place your call to action in the appropriate place. Sometimes, such as with Facebook, you’ll need your link and CTA to be in the first comment instead right on the post, for example. But, you want to verbally use their language let them know what’s in it for them to click through.

• Videos – Videos are a great way to get to more of your audience. But, you also need a call to action included in all your videos using the language that your audience would use in a way that they’ll relate to. That’s why it’s so important to immerse yourself in your audience’s culture so that you can learn their language.

• Vlogs – If you like to perform vlogs you will want to have your CTA in voice during the video, in an in-video clickable link, and in the transcript, you should post below the video. You’ll want to send your viewers to a landing page that is specific to them that matches the CTA. If you put the video on YouTube.com then embed it into your website that will make it do double duty.

• Landing Pages – What’s a landing page without a CTA? Your landing page should be relevant to the link that sends your audience to it. In addition, it should use visuals that attract attention. The colors of your CTA button should contrast with the rest of the page. And of course, the words on the button are important and should include action keywords that resonate with your audience. In addition, placement is key. Studies show a right-side bottom placement above the fold works best due to how people read in an “F” pattern online.

• Email Marketing – The important factors of your email marketing sales message CTAs are eye-catching design, persuasive copy, messages that demonstrate and show value, and relevancy to your landing pages. If you focus on those aspects of email marketing messages, you’ll be more successful in making conversions.

Even if your email is designed to get them to go to your website and read a blog post, make sure you include a specific CTA in the email. Don’t expect them to understand that just because there is a link that you want them to click it. You need to be specific. “Go read this blog post where you’ll learn more about the topic you’re interested in.” This a CTA that will be followed more than simply providing a link to the blog post.

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