How To Turn A Blog Post Series Into A Content Upgrade Offer

A really good way to work toward creating a content upgrade is to develop an outline for a blog series. If you already have a blog series or two on your site you’re in luck because you already have a great content upgrade, you can offer. This idea works with new or existing content and is a simple way to create more opt-in offers.

Start Fresh
Write the whole series in one document like you might an eBook or eReport. Make the compilation attractive by adding more images, more graphics, charts, call outs for stats and so forth. Turn it into a PDF for adding as a content upgrade to each individual blog post in the series.

Create a landing page or signup form using software like integrating it with your email autoresponders software so people get added to your list when they download it. Plus, you will then use the landing page URL later.

Once you finish that use the Word version, cut and paste the blogs into your scheduling system. Then attach the content upgrade by linking to the URL of the landing page. Be sure to use some method to call it out or draw attention to it so that the readers will notice it.

Start with Old Content
If you already have blog series or posts that can work as a series, combine them together to create an attractive PDF. You can use a plugin for WordPress to help you create it automatically, or you can just cut and paste everything into an MS Word document first, make it look attractive, then turn it into a PDF. If you’d like you can even use Adobe In-Design Templates to help brand all your lead magnets too.

Don’t forget to create a landing page for it. A landing page makes it easier to ensure that all the technology that you use works. You want to ensure that the lead magnet it’s connected to your autoresponder system.

Then add the URL to any relevant content as an upgrade, again, ensuring that you highlight it in some way so that it’s noticeable to your prospects and customers. This is an excellent way of reusing any content that you’ve created already. It works best if you can choose the most popular content or series you’ve created.

Make it Easy
The great thing about creating in content upgrades to help build your list is that it works. It’s not difficult, you don’t have to create anything new if you don’t want to. You can use content you already have, that you’ve purchased as PLR, or you can create something new if you want to, but you don’t have to. Don’t make creating content upgrades harder than it must be. It only needs to be useful to your audience, relevant to what they’re consuming right now, and quick to read, use, or implement.

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