The More Targeted The Offer The Better

When using in-content list building practices one of the things you must remember is that focus is everything. The more targeted your offers are to your ideal audience the better. The more targeted they are the better they will help your audience. The more targeted they are the more value they add. But the most important thing is, the more targeted the offer, the more likely they are to take advantage of the offer. To create a highly targeted opt-in, offer here are some things to consider.

Know Your Audience
You hear this constantly because it’s so important, but it cannot be stated enough. Continuous study of your audience so that you can develop your ideal customer personas or avatars will help you not only create better products and services but lead magnets as well. Once you develop your ideal customer persona consider also making them for subsets of this audience so that you can laser target your audience even further.
For example, if your audience consists of divorced women who want to learn to get on with their life you may have subsets of this population. Some with kids, some without kids, some who caused their divorce, some who were victims and so forth. If your products are right, you can dig deeper with your targeting.

Know Your Products & Services
It might seem obvious, however, if you’re not a product creator but instead promote other people’s products as an affiliate, it’s up to you to understand the products and how they really work beyond the sales page information.
The best way to do this is to buy and use the product. If you’re a super affiliate you may be able to contact the producer and get a free review copy, but otherwise, until you’re more known you’ll need to buy the products so that you can know them inside and out.

Determine Your Goals & Objectives
Before creating any type of content at all you need to know what the point is. Why are you creating this freebie? What content will the freebie go with? What do you want the audience to do? What do you want them to learn? How do you want them to feel about the content they download after signing up for your list?

Remember: One Problem Means One Solution
It also helps to keep in mind that you need to create lead magnets and offers that focus on only one problem and one solution at a time. This is the best use of a lead magnet. Your audience wants the solution and they want it fast. They want it instantly, in fact. People aren’t very patient these days, so you must give them what they want.

Expand the Content
One way to create an effective lead magnet is to expand on the content in the blog post. So for example, let’s say you’ve created a recipe for roasted chicken. You’re making a lot of assumptions that they know how to carve the chicken but what if you added a lead magnet to the recipe on how best to carve the chicken to serve it? How many people would want that extra information, grab it, and sign up for your email list?

Help Them Do Something
Another idea is to help your audience complete something that you’ve written a “how to” blog post about. For example, let’s say you wrote a blog post about How to Build a Basic Website with Self-Hosted WordPress. You may want to include an opt-in within the content that is a checklist that they can use to ensure that they don’t miss a step.

Know Where the Lead Magnet Should Be Placed
Before you even create the opt-in, you want to know where you’re going to put it for maximum impact. You can put it in more than one place too if it has something to do with other content and will fit in. Knowing where you want it will help you focus it better. After that, you can use it elsewhere if you want to.

Creating highly targeted offers requires that you understand your audience and you understand your products and services. Knowing this information helps you develop better lead magnets because they all have a reason for existing. Eventually, you’ll get so good at thinking about list building and lead magnets it’ll come more natural with each type of product you create.

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