Spy on Affiliates in Your Niche and See What Makes Them Tick

Spying on fellow marketers? Is that ethical? Yes, it is and it’s perfectly acceptable to take a peek at which products other marketers are promoting and how. By keeping abreast of others promotions, leaderboards in contests and who is doing the most promotions in your particular niche, you’re giving yourself more knowledge to plan ahead.

When you see other marketers who are consistently ahead in contest leaderboards and are promoting products in your niche, you’ll know how to reach out to them, what to offer and how to gauge your commissions, bonuses, create contests and much more.

Keep in mind that other marketers are likely spying on you or will be – especially if you’re one of the leaders in your niche. There are several ways to get to know your fellow marketers and get into their minds to see what they’re planning.

One is to get on their mailing list and social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. These simple acts are very effective methods of staying up to date on the competition and assessing how to gauge your own social media sites.

After you’re better informed about their products and promotions, you can offer fantastic perks to them such as contests, free bonus reports, increased commission and much more.

So your research can benefit everyone. You’ll want to become respected by others to cause other marketers to want to become your affiliate. Remember that other marketers will be spying on you, so always be truthful about your earnings and your marketing strategies. If you engage in black hat promotions, fess up before they find out.

When you set yourself up with other affiliates you’re increasing the likelihood of more traffic to your site and more conversions as a result. Chances are that your affiliates target audiences are much the same as yours only gathered with different methods.

You can learn so much from watching your affiliates strategies about what to do next in your own business. Forums and blog posts are great ways to get to know prospective affiliates and get their scoop on marketing methods and strategies.

Also, make sure you join in on any podcasts and interviews, watch their videos and join in their contests. Invite others to your own podcasts and interviews and make the subject matter interesting with some engaging discussions.

By joining and getting to know each other, you’ll find many who are receptive to you and your common thread of interest and can join together to create affiliate programs that are worth your while.

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