Using The Same Content In Multiple Formats

It may seem like cheating but once you realize that you can use any content you create many times by transforming it into multiple content formats you will suddenly realize that creating the content you need for your business doesn’t have to be hard. It really can be simple if you think about your process before you get started.

Let’s start with a webinar. When you conduct a webinar you usually have a niche, a goal, and some sort of offer in mind. This is great because it will keep the information cohesive even if you have several speakers or interviews happening the information gleaned from the webinar can be used in many ways.

Repost on YouTube
Once your webinar is complete, you can use one of the automatic webinar services to replay as live the webinar at many different times. You can also repost it as is, on YouTube. Be sure to put a lot of information in the description box so that viewers can link to the sales page easily. With video, you don’t have to worry about duplicate content. You may want to rename the video of the webinar to be more findable by the YouTube audience.

Transcribe the Webinar
Another way to reuse the webinar is to have it transcribed. You can sell the transcript as is along with the video as a product or you can clean up the transcript and turn it into other types of content such as an eReport, pillar website content, blog posts, email messages, and even guest articles and posts. The transcription can also be posted with the YouTube video so that it has more search options.

Imagine the Possibilities
Imagine the implications of this when you purchase PLR (private label rights) content. It can be the starting point kind of like research already done for you (what a time saver) that can be used to create many different types of content starting from the PLR. One blog post can turn into a webinar, a mini email course, a YouTube video and more.

As you can see, starting from just one type of content, in this case, webinars, you can create all other forms of content from it. If you think about that from day one, you’ll be able to plan your content marketing creation efforts in a more streamlined way.

Get Started
If you’ve not been repurposing your content yet, start with your most popular content to date and repurpose it in some way to find out the amazing results you can enjoy from repurposing content. You can find out which content is being effective via your analytics. If you don’t have analytics on your website or blog yet, you should get it immediately so that you know what’s working best for your audience.

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